Matching Groomsmen Accessories

Groomsmen shopping is often a last-minute affair. While the bride and her entourage are busy hunting down the gorgeous dresses, groomsmen are usually late to the party. 

Having the perfect entourage makes everything aesthetically more pleasing. It makes the bride and groom look picture perfect. With a little effort and accessories, you can make your groomsmen and bridesmaid look in sync with the wedding theme. Luckily we have you covered for your entire wedding party! 

How to match your entire bridal party at Model Chic

At Model Chic, you can customise outfits for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. First, the bride and groom will select a wedding colour palette. The colours should complement the season and theme of the wedding. Start with the bridesmaids. You can choose from a wide range of bridesmaid dresses. We have the latest collection of dresses in different styles so that there is a dress for every look. Choose from various fabrics, necklines, and silhouettes.

Our top picks are velvet and luxe satin. They look exquisite in all wedding themes, like a classic church wedding or a rustic wedding. 

These days infinity dresses are trending. Brides buy these multiway dresses for their versatility. They are stylable in 99 ways. To add a personal touch, you can add accesories to your infinity bridesmaid dresses. Select from various options like buckles, brooches, and overlay skirts. Model Chic has the most beautiful infinity dresses in Australia. Now it is time to select matching groomsmen accessories like groomsmen ties.

Groomsmen Accessories for the Quintessential Wedding Look

Model Chic has a stunning collection of groomsmen bow ties, pocket squares, and neckties to help you create an excellent groomsman look. You can shop for the whole bridal party at Model Chic. Explore our online store for bridal needs, including bride gowns,  bridesmaids accessories, formal dresses and groomsmen accessories.