Buckles & Brooches

Infinity dresses are customisable in many ways. You can style them in 99+ ways and get a fresh look every time. Wear it as an off-shoulder dress, single strap dress or a halter neck; you will still have a new style for next time.

Multiway dresses are so popular at a wedding. Choosing a bridesmaid dress is easier said than done. Every bridesmaid has a different choice and body type. What may look good on one may not suit the other person. An infinity dress will flatter everyone. Each bridesmaid can wear it in a style that flatters her body type and makes her feel comfortable. It will let every bridesmaid shine in her personality while the matching colours complement the wedding theme.

You can add to the versatility of an infinity dress with accessories, buckles and brooches. 

Custom Bridesmaid Dresses at Model Chic

Design your dress at Model Chic and make your dream outfit a reality. It is simple.

First, select a beautiful dress from our classic collection. Select the colour that matches your wedding theme and colour palette (and your bridesmaids approve of). You will find beautiful shades like teal, wine, mocha, green and purple. 

Next, find accessories that go well with the dress. It is the easiest way to elevate a simple dress. A tulle overlay skirt can transform a sophisticated satin infinity dress into a princess gown. Another way is to get a buckle or brooch for infinity dresses. A silver brooch pin for infinity dresses is a great idea to glam them up. Likewise, a rhinestone buckle on velvet infinity dresses looks terrific. An infinity dress brooch adds subtle finishing touches to your look.

Model Chic has an impressive collection of infinity dress buckles and brooches for your dresses. Find your perfect pick from our featured collection.