Formal Season Collection

Formal Season Collection

Every fashionista should have at least one statement formal dress in her wardrobe. You never know when you will get an invitation to a ball or formal dance. 

How to Find Your Ideal Formal Dress?

Finding your perfect formal dress is easy if you know your style and the occasion’s requirements. But first, what is a Formal Dress? In simple words, a formal dress is an outfit you wear to formal events. Since formal events are not alike, the dress code varies depending on the occasion. A white tie event is the most formal event requiring women to show up in ball gowns or full-length evening gowns. You can wear opulent jewellery, tiaras and gloves with your gowns. It is a very traditional event and not very common nowadays. However, we have the next best thing- black tie events. A black tie is a little less formal, with relaxation in the dress code. Again, long evening gowns are the appropriate dress code. But you may wear any formal dress as long as it is not too short. For instance, off-shoulder mermaid dresses will make perfect high school formal dresses. Lace or tulle skirts with sequin bodices are fantastic for high school formal dresses.

Shop the Stunning Formal Season Collection at Model Chic

Discover the latest wedding and prom dresses at Model Chic. We feature a collection of diverse necklines, silhouettes and fabrics. You can browse formal dresses category-wise, like fabrics (velvet, chiffon, tulle, satin and sequins) or necklines (off-shoulder, one-shoulder, short sleeves and strapless). For black-tie event dresses, check out our formal season collection. We feature the versatile and evergreen infinity dress in rich colours like black, white, red and blue

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