Shop Classic Infinity Dresses

Shop Classic Infinity Dresses

Our affordable, floor-length Classic Multiway Infinity Dress is perfect for a rustic wedding outdoors. The light and airy fabric drape beautifully, perfect for twirling on the dance floor, allowing you to twirl, dance, breathe and move more easily throughout the night.

Looking to add some extra texture to your dress? Our detachable tulle overlay skirts are the perfect addition to any look. They are made for our classic multiway dresses and add a touch of volume and feminine elegance to the look.

Do you want to look beautiful as a bridesmaid, but also don’t want to spend too much on a dress? No worries! A great option for a bridesmaid dress is the trendyinfinity dress. It is so amazing that you can style it in many ways without costing a fortune. This gorgeous, versatile dress will boost your confidence and make your job easy. Because it can be tied in so many ways, you essentially have a wide selection of bridesmaids' dresses. 

Here are some of our top colour choices for the $99 Classic Multiway:

  1. The Multiway Dress in Navy

Navy has been the most popular colour for infinity bridesmaid dresses. One look at this multiway dress, and you will know why.

  1. The Multiway Dress in Dark Purple

Purple is the colour of royalty. You will look mesmerising in this rich hue. It looks pretty in outdoor weddings, church weddings and everything in between. 

  1. The Multiway Dress in Burgundy

Red is the colour of love and affection. It is the perfect colour to symbolise the union of two lovers. What's more? You will look so stunning in this colour as it is universally flattering.

Explore Infinity Bridesmaids Dresses at Model Chic

We have a collection of the best infinity dresses in Australia. Find the one that suits the entire bridal squad, and each girl can style it her way. You can choose from different colours like blue, green, rust etc. 

If you want to explore more options, check out other bridesmaids' dresses. We have many designs with different necklines and varying silhouettes. You can also sort the dresses by fabric, such as velvet, satin or chiffon. Model Chic has a dress for everyone.