Lace is the symbol of grace and harmony. It’s created by silk and linen woven intricately by French artists who first produced it in the 16th century for celebrities and royals. Today, it is a beautiful fabric that can be loved by everyone.

Wedding gowns are predominantly made with lace, silk, and satin. These are feminine fabrics that add grace and poise to any wedding dress or outfit. The lace detailing on the cuffs, collars, and bodices of evening gowns looks stunning and elevates the entire look. You can select a wedding dress according to the venue and theme of the wedding. For instance, if you have a chapel wedding, you can wear the Alaiya Lace Tulle Mermaid Wedding Dress in Ivory. It is perfect for modern brides who want a traditional look. The strappy sleeves and sweetheart neckline balance the heavy tulle bottom nicely. Bridesmaids can match the vibe of the wedding and wear a similar pattern to the bridal gown. Once the bride decides on the colour of the dresses, bridesmaids can 

explore the range of materials and lace dresses that are available. We know that everyone has a different body type and what may compliment one bridesmaid may not suit another bridesmaid. To combat this, you can select similar dresses in a matching colour to make sure that the bridesmaids compliment each other and the wedding theme. As for the mother-of-bride and other wedding guests, they can wear a range of formal dresses styles that will make them feel confident and beautiful. They can wear lace dresses in their preferred colour and style. The Seline Lace Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress is available in many colours, like red, white, and black. Try the Josephine Lace Sleeved Bridesmaid Dress if you want a full sleeves option. If you have a pregnant bridesmaid, they can also comfortably wear the Josephine Lace dress so that your bridal squad is complete on the big day.

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Lace prom dresses are a pretty popular option at school formal. Lace formal dresses are excellent for black-tie events like weddings and corporate parties. Find your ideal lace dress at Model Chic.