Infinity Dresses

Infinity Dresses

Slinky and soft-to-the-touch, our versatile collection of multiway dresses is perfect for any occasion. Whether dressing for a wedding, formal or friend’s surprise engagement, slipping into one of our infinity dresses will guarantee you look the part.

Otherwise known as a multiway dress, its soft, luxurious fabric drapes gracefully over the body, billowing against the skin with every step. Whether you wear your infinity dress with strappy heels and a statement necklace or keep it simple with flats and dainty silver jewellery, this silhouette offers a surefire way to capture gazes and create a dramatic impact wherever you go.

The perks of wearing an infinity dress

Versatility — Trends come and go, but a sophisticated infinity dress enables you to have a shape-shifting piece that transcends the test of time and dictates of fashion. From elegant halter necks and sultry strapless silhouettes to bold, open-back ensembles that are perfect for balmy weddings, your imagination is the limit when creating outfits for any occasion. Able to be dressed up, down or styled in numerous ways, it couldn’t be easier to create a wide range of fashion-forward looks when you have a multiway dress in your after-dark collection.

Flexibility — The sheer range of flexibility offered by infinity dresses makes them a wardrobe must-have. With adjusted straps that can be crossed and tied, multiway dresses complement every shape, height and size — so you can look and feel your most elegant as the luxurious fabrics gently mould your skin. This style is also perfect for pregnant women who want to customise the fit to highlight their growing baby bump.

Styling an infinity dress

In addition to being comfortable and offering a figure-flattering fit, infinity dresses provide unmatched versatility. With so many ways to style it, you can wear yours over and over again without ever feeling like you're repeating an already-seen outfit. Switching up the style of your infinity dress is easy, and you can effortlessly create many beautiful ensembles as per your mood or the occasion.

Ready to explore the world of multiway dresses? Here are a few ways you can style this wardrobe staple:

Go strapless

Whether you're hoping to curate a sophisticated look for a formal event or something a little more relaxed for a night out, a strapless infinity dress is a beautiful option. Pass one of the straps over the top of your chest and cross it over the other strap to create an ultra-feminine sweetheart neckline that shows a peep of skin. The ability to adjust the straps also allows you to customise the fit of the dress, ensuring that it is both comfortable and flattering.

Halter neck

Transforming your multiway dress into a sophisticated halter neck is easier than it sounds. Simply pull the straps around your neck, and voila, you’ve got a chic ensemble perfect for a date night or summer boat party! If you’re aiming for a more casual aesthetic, wear your dress with a pair of cute neutral-toned flats and throw on a little headband to add the finishing touches!

Show some skin with an open-back

The open-back infinity dress is a sensual choice for any woman who wants to reveal a peep of skin and highlight her shapely profile. You can experiment with different variations, such as a draped back, which is perfect for wearing to a beachside wedding.

To create the look, spread the straps over your shoulders and cross them at the back. Make a loose knot, bring the straps to the front, and wrap them around your waist before bringing them together at the back to tie your final knot. However you choose to wrap and secure your layers, an open-back infinity dress provides a chic anchor to any look.


The one-shoulder infinity dress is a sleek and elegant choice for any occasion. The single strap lies gently on one shoulder, giving the illusion of a delicate neckline while the soft flowing fabrics gently cling to your curves. You can wear an invisible or strapless bra underneath your multiway dress for added support and endless comfort.

Because this style is relatively simple, it gives you room to add the finishing touches with accessories. Add an air of elegance by adorning a ribbon or brooch on the strap, pop on your favourite pair of stilettos, and you’re ready to let your hair down and enjoy the night. In the jewellery department, opt for dainty, thin pieces that do not draw attention away from the unique neckline.

Model Chic — home to a beautiful collection of infinity dresses in Australia

From weddings to formals and engagement parties, our multiway dresses' elegant and functional design makes them perfect for any occasion. Choose a luxurious plush velvet infinity dress, or opt for a lustrous satin multiway dress that gleams softly and embraces your silhouette. Whatever your aesthetic, if you’re shopping for a glamorous infinity dress in Australia, you’re bound to find the perfect fit in Model Chic’s wide range.

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How do you tie an infinity dress?

Creating the perfect ensemble that embodies grace and elegance is easy with an infinity dress in your wardrobe. You can create endless combinations by tying the straps differently — so you’ll never run out of options! To have you looking and feeling your best, we’ve created a handy guide on simple ways to tie an infinity dress.

How do you tie an infinity dress with a bra?

For a sculpted look that creates a seamless silhouette, choose a bra that matches the style of your infinity dress. For instance, pair a strapless bra with a strapless multiway dress and a halter-neck infinity dress with a backless or stick-on bra.