About Us


Model Chic is your go-to for classic bridesmaid + formal dresses from $99

Our philosophy is simple – it’s all about making the "finding your perfect dress" part easy.

We started Model Chic because we know you don’t want to spend too much on a dress that will likely only be worn once. Because that’s a seriously high cost-per-wear – and we knew there had to be a better way. One that involved:

- A way to find the dress for your wedding or special night that’s effortless, affordable at the comfort of your own home

- Classic, timeless bridesmaid dress and formal dress designs that you’ll still like next season – and might even actually wear again

- Teaching Siri to go dress shopping for you (just joking. We’re not that clever.)


We officially launched Model Chic in 2015 - and have been in the business of dressing thousands of women who just want to find The One (without leaving their couch) ever since.

Why You’ll Love Us

We’re affordable. We don't have a fancy boutique and passed that cost on to you. We keep our overheads low just for you. In fact, it's our mission to make our bridesmaids dresses super affordable, so you can spend the money you saved on something else.

We’re easy. Model Chic makes things as easy-peasy for you as can be. Shop from your couch and we’ll pop your dress or fabric sample in the mail and have the postman deliver it straight to your door. (And if you’re not a fan of the dress, we’re happy for you to return it in exchange for a dress you do love.)

We’re classic. We specialise in timeless designs. We won’t let you cringe at the photos in a few years’ time – our formal dresses are chic and ever-flattering. Simple.

We’re customisable. We’ve got options. Lots of them. Choose the style, fabric and colour that suits you no matter what shape or size. Found the perfect design but need a little adjustment? We've got you covered. Not to mention our custom-made dresses can be made in over 80 colours.

Because We Believe:

- The special moments in life should be savoured, honoured and celebrated – minus the guilt about how much you spent on your outfit

- The getting-ready part should be just as fun as the event itself

- If Siri can’t do the job for you (yet), the next best thing is being able to browse through hundreds of options without having to find parking on a Saturday (or any day, for that matter)


Because no one wants to settle for a dress that she isn’t truly, madly in love with.


Ready to find The One?