Mother of the Bride Dresses

A bride’s wedding day is a special day for her mum too. Her outfit should be too!

There are no specific rules for mother-of-the-bride dresses. It is more about the theme of the wedding and something that suits the occasion.

Generally, the mother of the bride wears a colour that complements the wedding theme. Some brides want their mothers to match them. Some brides want their mum to wear a colour close to white, like a champagne or something off-white with an undertone. And we believe the mother of the bride is the only wedding guest with the immunity to do that. Of course, if the wedding has an unconventional theme, a bride can dress her entourage in white bridesmaid dresses. (Fun fact: a long time ago, bridesmaids used to dress in bridal attires to confuse rival courters of the bride. So maybe white dresses are more traditional than we thought.)

Now, choosing the right dress comes down to what the mum wants. It is up to her (with the bride’s approval) to wear anything as long as she is comfortable and feels beautiful. A churchl or black-tie wedding ceremony calls for something formal and elegant. A satin or velvet dress will be a perfect pick for it. You can opt for a breezy chiffon dress for a more casual affair. 

For a more harmonious feel, the mother of the bride can match the bridesmaid dresses. After all, she is and will always be the bride’s first best friend. 

Stunning mother-of-the-bride dresses in Australia.

Evelyn Chiffon Short Sleeved Dress is one of the most elegant mother of the bride dresses. It is a flowy dress that allows movement while flattering all the right features. The black colour suits every skin tone and makes you look more toned. Ashlynn Sequins Chiffon Formal Dress is perfect for a day-to-night event. For more options, explore our range of gorgeous mother-of-the-bride dresses. Find the latest designs of mother-of-the-bride wedding dresses at Model Chic.