One Shoulder

There are many styles of formal dresses. You wear formal attire at school formal, weddings, and other black-tie events

One-shoulder formal dresses are trending for their lovely appearance. Wearing an occasion-appropriate dress shows that you respect the host and the etiquette of the event. One shoulder dresses come in a variety of fabrics and colours and can be styled up or down depending on the type of event you are attending. It is also super easy to accessorise your one-shoulder dresses, meaning you can create many looks with one dress. 

How to style one-shoulder formal dresses

You should style your dresses, keeping the dress code and your overall look in mind. 

Bridesmaids love one-shoulder formal dresses as they ooze grace and do not need much dressing up. A necklace or earrings will complete your look. The bridesmaid's evening gowns will also look lovely as wedding guest attire with proper accessories and in the correct colour. 

Prom is a special night for high school students. You want to stand out with your unique dress and be daring with a bold colour. Colours such as green or gold, and stand out with your gown. Keep the look of your one-shoulder prom dresses simple by adding one or two statement pieces. Prom is about dancing and having fun, you want to make sure you will be comfortable by having a correct fitting dress that is not to heavy or bulky. 

You can also wear a one shoulder dress in the winter or autumn time. Style it with a denim jacket or coat overlay for a more laid-back and fun vibe. Layering is also great for changing the look of the dress. A cardigan or blazer with a midi one-shoulder dress gives it a sophisticated look.

Styling is all about personal comfort and style. You will come across various different styles and colours but there is no point if you do not feel secure and confident in your dress.   

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