Mother of The Bride Dresses

The bride's mum is the official hostess of the reception. She is the reference point for all guests and helps the couple with wedding preparations. Thank god for mums or weddings would be twice as difficult to organise. The bride's mother may not get time to select a beautiful dress for herself in all the mayhem. Thanks to Model Chic, she can order the dress at her doorstep!

Selecting the Best Dress for the Mother-of-the-Bride 

A daughter's wedding is a big day for the mother. It is equally memorable for her, if not more. So a mum should also look her best. Choose a dress that suits the mum and makes her feel good. You can find unique formal dresses for bride's mums in different designs, silhouettes and fabrics.

You should remember a few things when shopping for a bride's mother. First, the dress should be of the appropriate colour. It should go with the wedding theme and colour palette. You should choose soft and subtle colours for a spring wedding and don richer dark hues for a winter ceremony. Red would look lovely in a chapel wedding, and champagne is a colour for outdoor weddings.

Similarly, a suitable fabric is also essential to the wedding. A bride's mum can match her daughter's wedding gown or the bridesmaid's dresses. For instance, she can wear a lace dress in a different colour if the bride wears a lace gown. There are many fabric options, like velvet and satin.

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