Wedding Veils

Veils symbolise grace and tradition. It has been a part of the bridal attire for as long as there have been weddings. There are many styles of veils brides can explore for their wedding!

Veils mean different things to different brides. For some brides, it is a part of the outfit that completes the bridal look. It looks cute and enhances the overall look of the bride. For others, it is the character of a woman's modesty. It covers the physical attributes and symbolises the spiritual union of two souls. Whatever the reason behind wedding veils, one thing is for sure- you must choose what is best for you and your style.

There are many designs of bridal veils you can choose depending on your dress or what you want to express. Traditionally, long veils are popular, but short veils are also trending. Your choice of veil depends on your overall look and theme of your wedding.

First, you select your venue and wedding theme. Then you choose your dress, and finally, it's time to choose a veil. For a classic Chapel Wedding and princess gown, a cathedral veil is your best option. A ball gown with bead details requires an equally gorgeous veil. You can go for tulle and pearl veil. You can choose an embellished design that will sparkle as you walk towards the new chapter of your life. 

A simple mermaid lace dress gives you more room for a veil. A long lace veil with customised detailing will look stunning with a bodycon dress. 

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