Accessories & Add-Ons

Wedding shopping can take a really long time - up to the last minute. 

Wedding day rarely goes by calmly. Despite meticulous planning, there is always something left to add. It is common to see groomsmen or bridesmaids running around sourcing things last minute. There has to be at least one breakdown to call the wedding successful.

All jokes aside, planning a wedding is no joke. There are so many things that require your attention. Simultaneously. A thing or two is bound to slip by. This unpleasant situation is avoidable if all the involved people take responsibility. 

Let us start from the beginning. To ensure everything is in order, a bride and groom should do their shopping first. Once all their stuff is ready and packed, it is time to focus on the groomsmen and bridesmaids. Their outfits are integral to the wedding ceremony and should not be taken lightly.

Shop Bridesmaids and Groomsmen accessories at Model Chic

Dress your bridal party in stunning dresses and accessories that match the wedding colour palette. Model Chic is your one-stop shop for bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen accessories. 

We have the best infinity dresses in Australia. Our classic multiway dress collection features beautiful colours like sapphire, graphite, ivory, wine and teal. Infinity bridesmaids' dresses are the best way to get matching outfits. The bride squad can style the infinity dresses in 99+ styles yet complement the wedding theme perfectly. Add an overlay tulle skirt to add a little glam to these dresses. 

You can buy matching accessories like groomsmen ties or bow ties from Model Chic. If you purchase greeninfinity dressesfor the bridesmaids, you can get exact groomsmen bow ties too. Shop for your entire bridal party at Model Chic. 

Also, check out bridal jewellery and matching hair accessories in our Bridal section.