What is an appropriate junior bridesmaid dress

What is an appropriate junior bridesmaid dress

Posted by Model Chic on 21st Feb 2023

The bride’s side of the wedding party may consist of the mother of the bride, a maid or matron of honour, bridesmaids, and flower girls.

While flower girls are typically children aged up to eight or nine, bridesmaids tend to be adults over 16. However, you may have a daughter, sister, niece, cousin, or close family friend falling between these ages, from nine to fifteen years, whom you want as part of your entourage.

If that’s the case, to include this loved one in your ceremony, special memories, and wedding photo album, you can assign them a junior bridesmaid role.

What Are a Junior Bridesmaid’s Responsibilities?

Similar to your older bridesmaids, your “junior bridesmaid” will be helping with invitations, compiling the wedding favours, and arranging the bridal shower, rehearsal, and reception.

She’ll also attend all your bridal events except for the bachelorette party (unless it’s guaranteed to be G or PG-rated). Ultimately, the extent of her involvement and attendance is up to the bride, the junior bridesmaid, and her parents or guardians.

At the ceremony, your junior bridesmaid will walk behind the flower girls but ahead of the bridesmaids down the aisle, standing with the bride at the altar. In addition, at the reception, she can sit at the main wedding table unless she’s younger than 12 when being with her parents or at the children’s table is more appropriate.

However, while bridesmaid and flower girl dress rules and styles are familiar and clear, what is an appropriate junior bridesmaid dress for a 12-year-old? Should she wear an outfit more like the bridesmaids? Or should it be more like flower girl attire?

Junior Bridesmaid Dress Etiquette

While younger juniors may prefer more of a flower girl outfit, accepted etiquette suggests that older junior bridesmaids wear a dress closer in style to the adult bridesmaids. However, always consider the personality of your junior bridesmaid and what will help keep her comfortable and confident.

For your 12-year-old, choose a dress similar to the bridesmaids, but not necessarily the same - it must still be age appropriate. However, the colour and length should match. If elements of the adult dress are too grown up, ask your tailor to alter it. Ensure the alterations make the dress more youthful, but not so much that it resembles a flower girl outfit.

Similar to your bridesmaids, your junior bridesmaid should carry a bouquet – consider a sweet posy or a simple, long-stemmed bloom - and receive an age-appropriate gift.

What Is an Age-Appropriate Junior Bridesmaid Dress?

Choose a style to help your junior bridesmaid feel beautiful, elegant, and grownup but still comfortable and young. Age-appropriate lengths are short, midi, maxi, or with asymmetrical or hi-low hems. On the other hand, minis lean too far towards flower girl styles.

Flattering cuts include A-line, with a pretty and modest scoop, square, V-neckhalterone-shoulder, or cold-shoulder necklines. Various sleeves are also appropriate, including no sleevescapthree-quarter, or long sleeves for cooler seasons.

Almost any colours and fabrics are suitable, including lace and embroidery. However, very dark, black, and heavily sequined looks may not be appropriate. Colour is usually in line with the bridesmaid colour scheme or, if graded, among the lighter shades for freshness. However, brides may prefer younger junior bridesmaids to wear the same or a similar colour to the flower girls. Either choice is acceptable as long as the overall theme is cohesive.

Regarding style, again, these can complement the bridesmaid dresses but avoid very fitted silhouettes and strapless designs, plunging fronts or backs, and skirts with high-cut splits.

Flowy skirtspleatsrufflescrossovers, and tasteful cut-outs in bridesmaid dresses can be mirrored in junior bridesmaid designs, as can sashes, bows, and floral or other embellishments. You can also consider including handy and fun hidden pockets for storing essential lip gloss, tissues, and mints.

However, ensuring aligned designs, fabrics, colours, and quality can take time and effort. Instead, why not rely on trusted and experienced providers devoted to all things bridal, such as Model Chic?

Rely on Wedding Collections and Professionals

Happily, to make choosing bridesmaid and junior bridesmaid dresses easier, dedicated wedding boutiques usually stock high-quality junior and petite versions of their bridesmaid collection.

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We also stock a collection of beautiful accessories, including headbands, hairclips, combs, and pins.

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