How Bridal Jewellery Can Change your Entire Wedding Look

How Bridal Jewellery Can Change your Entire Wedding Look

Posted by Lauren H on 3rd Feb 2022

You’ve seen it on TV before: it all becomes real when saying yes to the dress when the stylist adds a pair of bridal earrings and hair accessories to bring the look to life! Your bridal jewellery is what really gives your dress a personal touch and makes it yours. These pieces are often more glamorous than your everyday jewellery you have at home so making decisions might feel somewhat tougher!

If you are looking for help when it comes to accessorizing your wedding dress and picking out jewellery, read on, because here at Model Chic Australia, we are going to share our best tips to transforming you wedding look with bridal earrings and hair pieces!

How to Choose the Right Earrings for your Wedding Dress

Consider Your Wedding Dress Neckline

It’s not just necklaces that have to worry about the neckline, you need to keep this in mind when choosing your earrings too! For instance, if you are channeling your inner Paris Hilton and opting for a more conservative lace high-necklace. You may not want a statement earring that might lead to “too much” going on around the face. If you have a V-neckline and plan to not wear a necklace then a bold statement earring would be just for you! For a sweetheart neckline, you will likely have the room for something just in between minimal and bold for both your earrings and necklace choice.

Pair Based on the Details and Embellishments on your Bridal Gown

Similar to our Paris Hilton example above, the material, fabric, and embellishments of your dress can affect what jewellery would look best. Does your dress have pearl accents? Choose an earring that also has pearls to make them pop! If your dress has a lot going on with plenty of sparkle and accents keep the jewellery minimal. If your dress is minimal, then add texture and dimension with statement jewellery.

Keep Your Wedding Theme & Style in Mind

While much of your bridal look centers around what you choose for your wedding dress, keep your overall theme and wedding style in mind when choosing earrings. A bride hosting a tropical destination wedding may want to choose something like our Harlow Boho Flower Bridal Earrings while the classic-vintage bride might opt for our Lydia Crystal CZ Bridal Earrings!

Finding the Right Hair Accessories to Complete Your Look

When it comes to choosing the right hair accessories to complete your bridal look, you want to follow the same rule of thumb as to when picking out your bridal earrings. You want to consider your overall wedding style and theme, your dress’s neckline, and the amount of detail that is already included in your dress.

When choosing the perfect hair accessories, you want to make sure that your overall look is balanced out with the earrings. A statement earring and statement hairpiece might be too much to look at when paired together. We recommend choosing one of the pieces to be minimal while your other piece can make a bold statement. So, if you decide to wear a bold hairpiece like our Elsie Gemstone Bridal Headband, consider going for a dainty, smaller earring like the Ada Crystal & Pearl CZ Bridal Earrings (and vice versa!)

Our Favourite Bridal Statement Pieces of 2022

The Kiana Silver Bridal Earrings

What’s not to love about the Kiana Silver Bridal Earrings? This pair of hand-crafted statement earrings are one of our favourites for a reason. It’s like wearing a work of art! Perfect for a wedding dress with a sweetheart or square strapless neckline to fill the open space but don’t worry! These bridal earrings are bold but certainly won’t take away from your beautiful face. We also recommend wearing these earrings with a chic updo or slightly back to really show them off!

The Iyla Gold Bridal Comb and Hair Pin

Looking to add some sparkle to your bridal hairstyle without overdoing it? The Iyla Gold Bridal Comb and Hair Pin might be exactly what you are looking for. Perfect for our romantic brides, this beautiful set is designed to look like a gorgeous vine of leaves and comes with both a hairpin and comb that will have you looking like you just walked out of an enchanted garden. Perfect for braided looks or loose updos!

The Willow Crystal CZ Bridal Earrings

You can have sparkle without going bold (yes it’s true!) If you are hosting a modern minimalist wedding or have a dress that already has a ton of embellishments, choose something simple like our Willow Crystal CZ Bridal Earrings! Made in a stylish silver finish, drop earrings are a universally-flattering choice for any wedding dress style. Did we mention it looks gorgeous with nearly any hairstyle too?! Wear it with a low, loose ponytail as seen on our model above or with a classic blowout to complete the look.

The Elaina Gold Leaf Bridal Headband

We are just going to go ahead and say it: the Elaina Gold Leaf Bridal Headband is the perfect hair accessory for our ethereal boho brides. This gold headband is particularly unique as it features gold leaves and small florals to make you feel like a goddess. While you can wear your hair up or down with a headband, we just can’t help but love the way this accessory looks with your hair down. Wear it with flowy curls or a loose fishtail braid for the ultimate boho effect!

Remember these are just guidelines to help make accessory shopping a little bit easier. At the end of the day, you should choose the pieces that you love and make you feel the most beautiful.

If you are looking for affordable and stylish bridal earrings and hairpieces, you can check out Model Chic Australia’s wide variety of bridal jewellery and accessories that are perfect for your wedding day. Need more inspiration? Follow along on our Instagram page to stay up-to-date on upcoming new accessories and dress releases for the shop and to get inspired by some of our real-life brides!