Colour Pairings 101: Bridesmaid Dresses & Groomsmen Suits

Colour Pairings 101: Bridesmaid Dresses & Groomsmen Suits

Posted by Model Chic on 17th Jan 2023

Deciding what your leading ladies and gents will wear for your wedding is no small task! You want them to look coordinated without being too matchy and ensure their outfits complement the theme, decor, and of course, your own dress or suit. Gone are the days of getting your bridesmaids and groomsmen to wear the same colours, with many couples choosing to coordinate their bridal parties in fresh, creative ways.

Think of your bridal party as a blank canvas you can use to paint your wedding colours, show off your style as a couple, and capture the look and feel of your special day in every photo.

5 Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Colour Pairings To Get You Started

Navy Groomsmen Suits

If you’re wondering what colour bridesmaid dresses to pair with navy suits, we recommend choosing lighter colours that will stand out next to the dark blue hue. Rich shades can be challenging to pull off next to a deep colour like navy, so choosing brights, pastels or neutrals for the dresses is your best bet. Navy suits allow you to play with contrast between light and dark colours or warm and cool tones.

Coral or blush pink bridesmaid dresses look vibrant next to navy suits and make your photos look bright, light-hearted, and summery. This colour pairing will pop against a neutral backdrop like rustic bricks or white beach house walls.

Gold or champagne bridesmaid dresses go with navy suits because of their subtle warm undertones that complement the cool blue hue. This colour pairing looks luxurious and elegant, perfect for glamorous wedding ceremonies.

Black Groomsmen Suits

Black suits are a classic choice for weddings because they look sleek and timeless and pair well with almost any colour. You can make the iconic suit colour work for a range of wedding styles from simple and understated to bright and eccentric. Although black suits are versatile, they don’t do much to solidify your wedding theme, so we recommend pairing them with bridesmaid dresses that speak to your flowers and decor.

●Lilac or sage bridesmaid dresses go perfectly with black groomsmen suits. These light hues appear soft and feminine next to solid black suits, giving your wedding a traditional feel that photographs especially well in outdoor settings.

●Gold or black bridesmaid dresses make your wedding feel extra chic and extravagant when paired with black groomsmen suits. This pairing makes white wedding gowns look even brighter and is perfect for black-tie weddings.

Royal Blue Groomsmen Suits

This show-stopping shade pairs perfectly with white, making it a no-brainer for an elegant wedding look, but what colour bridesmaid dresses go with royal blue suits? We recommend letting the suits steal the show for this pairing and avoiding bright gowns that may potentially clash with your groomsmen.

●Ivory or white bridesmaid dresses will make royal blue pop, adding a luxurious look and feel to your ceremony. Bring the look together with beautiful blue bouquets and matching golden cufflinks and jewellery for a truly eye-catching colour pairing.

●Grey or dusty blue bridesmaid dresses go with royal blue suits if you are after a softer, more romantic look. You can even get the bridesmaids to wear different shades of blue and grey to give this delicate pairing a more modern feel.

Tan Groomsmen Suits

Tan suits make your wedding feel more casual and relaxed and work well for spring and summer weddings. This light colour looks lovely in outdoor settings and often finds its way into beach and country weddings. Moreover, tan has an old-world charm that feels as natural in vintage venues as in grassy fields.

●Terracotta or red bridesmaid dresses will bring out the warmth in tan suits, giving the bridal party a harmonious appearance. This combination makes for a beautiful autumn wedding, complements ivories wedding gowns, and helps create a rustic or boho look and feel.

Powder blue bridesmaid dresses are a much subtler counterpart to tan groomsmen suits that give the bridal party a lighter look, which often works well for spring weddings. This fresh colour combination looks best alongside fresh white flowers and decor and is a popular choice for garden weddings.

Grey Groomsmen Suits

Grey suits are a timeless choice for groomsmen because they pair well with almost any colour. Unlike black suits, grey is easy to dress down as a casual look for more relaxed weddings. It photographs well in any light and often picks up the colour temperature of your bridesmaid dresses, making it appear slightly warmer or cooler depending on its surroundings.

●Lilac or blush pink bridesmaid dresses look lovely next to grey groomsmen suits. This colour combination has a delicate, classic feel that will never go out of style. It makes your wedding photographs look lighter and softer and brings out the greenery in your bouquets and centrepieces.

Navy blue or forest green bridesmaid dresses make grey groomsmen's suits appear more formal and fancier. This high-contrast combination works best with light grey suits that let the bridesmaid dresses steal the show.

No matter what colour combination you choose for your wedding, Model Chic has got you covered. We offer a wide selection of bridesmaid dresses with matching groomsmen ties and pocket squares to ensure you get a perfect colour match every time -contact us to find out more.