Bridal headband vs. hairstyles

Bridal headband vs. hairstyles

Posted by Model Chic on 16th Feb 2023

Which Hairstyles Suit the Bridal Headband?

Your wedding day is one of the most momentous events in your life, an occasion you may have been dreaming about and anticipating since you were a child. Still, planning your wedding day can be demanding work, even stressful, with venues, décor, catering, invitations, wedding party dresses, shoes, accessories, and styling required.

While concerns and demands around your wedding party can be pressing, remember to choose and confirm your outfit and look first, as everyone else's outfits and styling depend on your choices.

In addition, while your dress is pivotal to your happiness and comfort on your special day, your bridal accessories, makeup, and hairstyle are equally essential to elevating your appearance and looking and feeling your best and most beautiful.


Your hairstyle must gel with your dress style and your wedding theme, whether traditional, contemporary or more exclusive, and will often include hair accessories, such as a bridal headband, tiara, decorative clips, pins, combs, or flowers.

However, which bridal headband pairs well with various hairstyles? Should you choose a band that's sparkly and glamorous, elegant, vintage, rustic, or one that's modern and clean? In addition, can you wear a headband and a veil?

Here are some of our favourite tips and considerations.

Pin, Vine, Clip, Comb, or Headband?

Bridal hair accessories are versatile and well-designed and often help to secure the hair or veil in place.

While bridal combs,pins,clips, and vines can be incorporated into your hairstyle, likely relying on your hairstylist's skill, headbands are easier to include. Adding these accessories is usually as simple as popping them on your head in your preferred position while still accentuating your look, helping to keep stray or flyaway hair in place, and even helping attach a veil (yes, you can wear a headband with a veil).

In addition, where combs, pins and vines could cause headaches or discomfort, a headband shouldn't. However, if it does, it can easily be removed without impacting your hairstyle.

What Is a Bridal Headband?

Bridal headbands are available in various styles, including classic white bands, jewelled or floral pieces for a striking or ultra-feminine look, and more colourful options, including the traditional "something blue".

For glamorous and decorated headbands, consider padded velvet halo bands, silky fabrics encrusted with faux pearls, delicate metal bands of Swarovski crystals or rhinestones, embroidered, gathered, or braided fabrics, or a sheer mesh or dotted French veil headband. Also, consider single metal bands with one or more embellishments to attach a traditional veil or a mass of real or faux blossoms to frame your gorgeous face. Fabrics may include tulle, satin, cotton, lace, beads, and applique.

Choose your band with your hairstyle in mind, as updos and casual loose curls, for example, may each call for different hair accessories. Crucially, always have a test run with your hair stylist to ensure the style and bridal headband work together, enhance your outfit, and complement your face and makeup.

Bridal Hairstyles Versus Bridal Headbands

Some popular bridal hairstyles and complementary headband options include:

Updos: A perennial favourite, updos are elegant and glamorous and suit most faces, wedding themes and dresses. If you're wearing a sleek and simple bun, opt for a delicate band embellished with elegant crystals, rhinestones, or pearls. If your updo is already decorative, let your hairstyle shine by pairing your chignon with a less complicated accent - a single diamante band or one with a basic crystal design strategically placed to catch the light.

Half up, half down: Also, a classic look, elevate your style with a glamorous or floral headband worn slightly above the forehead for a dramatic yet softly face-framing effect.

Braiding: Braiding portions of an updo is popular and elegant and can be incorporated into assorted styles to add interest and design. With this more intricate hairstyle, keep your hair accessories simple, such as adding a thin, metallic or fabric band to accent your beautiful hair and statement hairstyle.

Natural curls and waves: This soft, more natural style is perfect for a highly feminine and romantic look and pairs well with headbands featuring intertwined, vine-like or floral embroidery or embellishments.

Bold, short styles: Choose equally contemporary and stylishly dramatic headbands such as a simple padded halo band for short - usually modern – hairstyles, for example, a flattering pixie cut. This way, you allow your lovely face and striking hairstyle to be the centre of attention.

Uniquely You

Whichever hairstyle and headband you choose, ensure you can wear them comfortably all day. Also, consider your personality so your hairstyle and headband don’t undersell your more flamboyant character or overshadow you if you prefer understated simplicity.

Most importantly, your headband should help make you feel as happy, excited, and beautiful as you deserve on your special day. If you love how it looks and makes you feel, it's probably the right hair accessory for you.

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