Brides think that buying a dress is the most challenging task. The truth is that saying yes to the dress is step one. You still have a long way to- choosing bridal accessories, getting bridal robes, and finally selecting the attires for the wedding party. 

The Art of Accessorising your Bridal Gown

After your dress, it is time to select the  bridal hair accessories and jewellery. There are so many options for bridal jewellery accessories. But picking the right style will depend on your personal preference and the overall look you want to go for. You must consider the dress, your hairstyle, your wedding theme and individual preference. Let us start with the earrings. 

Pick the Right Bridal Earrings for Your Face Shape.

There are so many options for brides to choose from when it comes to bridal earrings for their big day. They may skip on necklaces or hair accessories, but a pair of their favourite studs can really complete the look. It can be something that is more of a statement piece, or simple studs for the minimalist bride doesn't want her ears bare.

The right earrings enhance your features and helps you bring together your outfit and complete your look. So it is essential to choose the right pair of earrings. 

The best way to determine the perfect earrings is by face shape. Here are the most appropriate earrings for each face shape.

  1. Round Shape

A round face is wider at cheekbones than the jawline and forehead. Picking long structured earrings with a sleek design will help elongate the face. Teardrops or dangling earrings are the best suited to round face shapes.

  1. Oval Shape

Oval face beauties can carry any earrings irrespective of shape or size. Go for danglers, studs, hoops or anything in between that strikes your fancy. Ariyah Silver Bridal Earrings will look lovely on you.

  1. Heart Shape 

You have a heart-shaped face if you have a wider forehead than the cheeks and chin. Teardrop earrings like our Celestia Crystal CZ Bridal Earrings in Rose Gold can balance out the face shape. The wider earrings at the bottom will create a perfect proportion for your face. It will flatter your face shape and enhance your cheeks. 

  1. Square Shape

With prominent cheekbones and a proportionate forehead, a square face will suit round earrings and big hoops to soften the lines. You can wear round, flowy earrings with soft silhouettes as a bride. 

  1. Diamond Shape

If you have swoon-worthy cheekbones, you probably have a diamond shape face. Wide shapes such as chandelier earrings will work very well with your face silhouette. If you want something subtle, studs that sit close to your face are also a great option, like the Nora Crystal CZ Stud Earrings in Silver.

Once you select the suitable earring according to your face shape and dress, you should choose the Hair Accessories too.

Whether you opt for a bun, braid or loose beachy waves, a hair accessory can make all the difference. The fitting headband or bridal hairpiece will make the brides feel like princesses at their wedding. With a silver headband with long sleek hair, you can ditch the veil if you like. A silver or gold flower hairpin will look stunning with a bun or braid. Wear what reflects your style, and you will feel like the most confident and gorgeous bride ever!

Find your Ideal Bridal Jewellery at Model Chic.

Whether you are looking for bridal prices or jewellery for bridesmaids, there is a look for everyone. We feature a catalogue of gorgeous rose gold and silver jewellery you can flaunt on your wedding day. Choose from various headbands, bridal hair pins and hair pieces to complete your look on the big day.

Make your wedding even more memorable with our fantastic collection of accessories for brides, bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Groomsmen are also an integral part of your wedding party; remember them!

We need to ensure that groomsmen, too, look dashing and smart and should match the dress of the bridesmaids. Many accessories, such as the pocket square and groomsmen tie, will complete their overall look and make them shine. The groomsmen's bow tie is very popular for modern/romantic weddings and goes fantastic along with a suit or tuxedo. Do you know that shoes, belts, and shirt will also need to match the suit? Adding these details will completely upgrade the outlook. There are also wedding themes when you can utilise hats too. Don’t be afraid to be creative. Fashion is an art, so do get creative when accessorising your groomsmen.



How to choose the right bridal accessories for me?

Bridal jewellery is such a big part of the wedding industry, which means there are so many options for you to choose the ideal bridal sets. To find the perfect jewellery, you should see the one that reflects your style and personality. A great place to start is your wedding earrings. Style your look around your dress so that they complement one another. You can always mix and match different metals and stones to create a unique look.

What is the most important bridal accessory?

Each piece or accessory holds a special place in the bridal accessory. You should incorporate the elements that speak to you, from bridal jewellery to hair accessories. It comes down to a bride's personal style. Some brides love statement earrings, while some like extravagant bridal headbands. 

The key is to avoid over-accessorising. Stick to two or three jewellery pieces and work with them.

How to select suitable groomsmen accessories?

It is easy to pick groomsmen's accessories after finalising the bridesmaid dresses. For instance, if the bridesmaids wear red dresses, groomsmen can opt for red ties and pocket squares. However, don’t be afraid to mix and match different patterns that complement one another.

To ensure your groom squad is ready for your big day, we offer matching groomsmen bow tiesand pocket squares. Groomsmen ties or bow ties are the most conspicuous accessories. A great easy option is to choose a black, navy, or grey suit colour with colour-coordinated accesories. These colours will suit most bridesmaids dresses. 

Are bridesmaid robes essential at a wedding?

Yes and no. You can have a wedding without Bridesmaid robes. If you plan on getting ready together before the wedding, we would definitely reocmmend bridesmaid robes. A bridesmaid robe helps you get the party started earlier. It makes you feel like a princess and keeps your clothes clean while you get your hair and makeup done. And they make great photos for behind the scenes photos with the bride and bridesmaids in their robes. We recommend the Lily Lace Bridesmaid Robe and Dahlia Satin Lace Bridesmaid Robe. These bridesmaid robes are also splendid as a thank-you gift for your girls.